Raymond Castellino 1944 – 2020

Official Memorial for Ray Castellino — January 16th, 2021

Ray Castellino Memorial Program

  • Intro slideshow
  • Opening
    • Welcome by Sasha Castellino
    • Grounding exercise by Anna Chitty
  • Presenters
    • Sean Castellino
    • Julianne Parrett and Lea Fischer
    • Bob Castellino
    • Musical Interlude — Joey & Tessa Agrati — Amazing Grace
    • Mary Jackson
    • Tara Blasco
    • Anna Chitty
    • Musical Sing Along — Moriah Melin W. — Fly Like An Eagle
    • Sandra Castellino
    • Charlotte “Lotte” Janus
    • Sasha Castellino
  • Closing slideshow
  • Closing by Anna


Poem read by Bob Castellino: “Epitaph,” by Merritt Malloy

Spiritual quote read by Charlotte “Lotte” Janus: Die to Live, by Maharaj Charan Singh


“To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself, and to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving to the breaking of bread.”

― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time (read by Sasha Castellino)

“When I’m gone, I’m going to be gone. You will experience the void in my absence. I’m going beyond the beyond. Don’t try to hold me back, let me go. Let the void be there. You won’t be able to fill it. That void is God making space for love.”

― Ray Castellino, in conversation. December, 2020 (read by Sasha Castellino)

Music Credits

Bernstein, Leonard. Chichester Psalms. 1965.

Roberts, Daniel C. God of Our Fathers (National Hymn). 1876. Acalanes High School Choir in the 1960 Olympics Opening Ceremony – Squaw Valley, CA.

Wolf, Kate. Give Yourself to Love. 1982.

Musical performance by Joey Agrati & Tessa Grady. Original composition by Joey Agrati and Amazing Grace by John Newton.

Sing-along by Moriah Melin W. Fly Like An Eagle. Native American song, Composer Unknown.

Roba, Gary. Original Flute Composition. 2021. Performed by Gary Roba.

Franck, César. Panis Angelicus. 1872. Performed by Ray Castellino for Aunt Mary’s 90th Birthday.

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Ninth Symphony: Ode to Joy. 1824.

© 2021, Sean and Sasha Castellino. All rights reserved.

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