Register for Ray’s Memorial

Dear friends and family,

Please join us for a celebration of Ray’s life, presented by his family and dear ones. All are welcome to attend.

When: Jan 16, 2021 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Please register in advance by clicking on this link: registration.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar memorial.

With gratitude,The Castellino Family

6 thoughts on “Register for Ray’s Memorial”

  1. Dear Castellino family,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity is setting this memorial up for the community. I have no idea if this helps you or not, as in if you want to be left in peace and quietness or if knowing there is SUCH a large community created by Ray to bring together that brings support to you as you come to terms with losing his physical Presence and love in your lives.
    Sending much love, gratitude and support to you,
    Fiona Lyndley


  2. Thank you, Fiona.

    The outpouring of love for my dad has been amazing to see. We are reading the comments that so many have sent and we feel the love and support. Getting a sense of the reach, passion, and shared purpose of this sprawling, warm-hearted community is humbling and inspiring.

    We’re all a bit overwhelmed with the daily minutiae of dealing with the aftermath of a family member’s passing, so we apologize for not doing a better job of connecting with each person individually. Please know that we are grateful for every comment and that we look forward to celebrating Ray’s life with you all.

    With love and appreciation,



    1. You are doing a GREAT job Sean, Sasha and Sandra. I guess i am really aware that you have lost your dad and have this other layer on top to cope with as well, so really…. warm hug flying your way from Malta, Europe, from me… to you xx


  3. Thank you for your sacred memorial so touching to my very core. What a profound gift to us all. Thank you with all my heart. I feel his spirit and am moved by the communion of Eternity so present right now. Thank you for share this Grace of being with him in his Birth into Heaven, Home, the Infinite, Returning to Source. All my love to you all. All of my love. My being bows to you all in celebration of his sacred soul and all of you who loved him and learned from and grew together with him. Greatest JOY to you all. – Saralina


  4. Thank you Sasha, Sean, Sandra and all the presenters for creating such a beautiful memorial to Ray today. It touched me very deeply. Not just your words, the photos and music, but collectively you demonstrated everything Ray taught us and created a settling in me more profound than I have ever experienced, even when working with him. I can think of nothing more fitting to celebrate his life. I was particularly touched by the thought that each of us is his legacy, taking his work out into the world in so many different ways, spreading the flame of love which was and is still his essence.


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