An Outpouring of Love

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful stories you have shared with us and the incredible outpouring of love. It is humbling to see the breadth of Ray’s impact on the world. Here is a sampling of those messages.

My heart is full of love and gratitude for Ray, and so appreciating stories of life with Ray, his amazing ability to find a way to navigate a world that was not designed for someone with his abilities. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. With deep appreciation
— Lorna Richman

I feel deeply touched and thankful for Ray, his love, his presence, his teaching. His coherence and principles changed deeply my life and I will honor him through the work with families. He gave us the roots to make a better world.
— Mar (Spain)

Ray was my choir teacher and art teacher at Pine Grove 1972, he changed my life, he helped a broken and lost young girl find the absolute joy of music pouring into my heart.  I later reconnected with Ray in 2007. I sat quietly yesterday and read through those emails. There are so many stories about Ray that I will always remember. I will be eternally grateful for his love and dedication to his craft and those he taught. My love to you all.
— Lani Cartwright née Barrows 

I am one example of the Castellino Family’s generosity and their open heart. Ray has spread his light all around the world, I have felt his support and tenderness as a father too. Thanks Ray, this will pass to my kids as well. Thanks to Sandra for opening their family to have me as a host daughter. My love to Sandra, Sean and Sasha always
— Ma Cristina Montufar

I’ll Remember big salads with tofu and homemade dressing on the deck. I’ll remember helping him transcribe videos and get his prolific thoughts on paper for BEBA. I’ll remember his kindness and his fire. I’ll remember how good he was not only with kids, but in making teens feel heard and seen as human beings.
— Chris Wolfe

Ray’s love just beams out of him. I remember so many times and scenes of our friendship. He listened and comforted me in my deepest pain. His love was like a soothing balm for my heart.  He was the epitome of support. His connection to his Master was the deepest memory I have of him. Wherever he is now, I imagine he is singing in one way or another.
— Charise Diamond

48 years ago, Ray taught me how to live — experiencing Life Energy and seeking it’s Source. He gave me my first polarity therapy treatment where I felt energy coursing all through my body. My life went from black and white to Technicolor overnight, and Ray made sure that it stayed that way! In the past few months, Ray taught me how to die — with Grace and acceptance, looking forward and upward. I will always be grateful!
— Rod Newton

It’s odd, but the fact that the Universe allowed such a healer and a lover to leave NOW at a time that seems like a peak of chaos and tragedies abounding oddly comforts—that all those taught by the wonderfully deep teachers like Ray are going to be called to step in and carry the love on. Living legacies you are.
— Karen Mulder

A Traditional Irish Blessing
May the roads rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sunshine warm your soul, And, until we meet again, May the Divine hold you in a sweet embrace. Your Memory will always be a blessing for those of us who had the honor of knowing you. With loving memories
— Dyrian & JoAnne Chartrand-Benz

One thought on “An Outpouring of Love”

  1. Ray was my beloved teacher at SBGI. My womb surround process was totally life changing. I videotaped for Ray for two years and enjoyed being with both Ray and Sandra. I witnessed weekly miracles with babies and their parents. Ray taught me so much and have applied in it my own practice. I am forever grateful to him for his love and wisdom shared.


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