Ray passed away this morning, December 13, 2020, at 7:00 am. His breathing was slow and rhythmic, his eyes were closed, he was in the arms of a loved one… and then there wasn’t another breath.

There is no doubt that he felt your love and nurturing presence
with him throughout these last weeks. The multiple layers of support that surrounded him were profound. Even in the most difficult moments, he knew he was loved and that he was supported to take the next step on his journey.

It was noted several times that the last few days have felt like being at a birth: stillness and presence punctuated by conscious action. And now this body, on this plane, has finished its labor and given birth to his spirit. As so many have said, Godspeed, dear Ray — father, brother, loved one, mentor. We are certain you are in the Light.

Ray’s life will be celebrated via an online memorial. We will let you know more details when we have them.

With boundless gratitude to each of you,

The Castellino Family

30 thoughts on “Chrysalis”

  1. Bless you Ray, thank you for your teaching ,generous heart and beautiful soul.
    Fair winds and following seas brother.


  2. Dear Family,

    Like chrysalis into the ocean of love. Only the greatness of this Love to see how we all merge into what we all came from. Ray was so much more than a host dad, he left a print in my life I am so Thankful for this. How fortunate I was to have learned with him, heard and seen his kindness, his listening without judgement yet at the same time so supportive. My mom, and dad know his valuable being. My children, husband and me are so sad to see him leave this plane. So much love such a great heart can only be missed.

    Ma Cristina Montúfar de Ponce and family


  3. To the Castelino family I am so sorry for your loss. With deepest gratitude for Ray and the beautiful wisdom and healing he brought to so many including me. Thanks for lighting the way.
    May you soar with the angels Ray.


  4. There are many great teachers and healers, but there’s no one like Ray who brings his own special papa bear wisdom, insight, depth, strength, and clarity. We who have known him are forever enriched and many, many lives have been transformed. His legacy will continue to reach out in the hands and hearts of parents, children, healers, and teachers and students who continue to carry on the cycles of learning and teaching. Infinite gratitude to all who loved, supported, and nurtured Ray and his work, and who even now send such a beautiful heartfelt, supportive message to our wide community and network. All blessings.


  5. He was truly a light in the world & a special person to me. His death was on my birthday! I am glad that he did not have to endure horrible pain & lingering decline & that he got to have all of you with him. I will never forget him & share in your loss.

    Condolences & sympathies from Al & Elizabeth


  6. Condolences to the Castellino family.
    Ray was a shining light in our midst and a loving sojourner on the path.
    He will be sorely missed.
    Steve 🙏


  7. Qué duermes con los angelitos, Ray. Thanks for modeling PRESENCE, 100% pure presence with babies of ALL ages, and for teaching us, your students, how to invite humans to dance. My favorite image of you is belly down on the floor, your chin resting on your hand, eye to eye with a brand-new crawl-arounder, beaming unconditional regard and delight. To those left here on this side… Arms about you who are in the circle of love so close to Ray you could witness in awe his negotiation of the threshold dance. Thank you for being present for him. The gifts I received from that RAY of sunshine from T-2 forward continue to nourish me.
    Thank you. I am full… but in this moment I feel so empty as my heart lurches out of my chest in protest of this too soon Good Bye. ‘Bye, Ray.

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    1. Dear family, loved ones and friends of Ray Castellino.
      My thoughts goes to you all and to Ray.
      I send you love and warmth from my heart.

      I honor Ray.
      I honor his way of being, I honor his teaching, I honor his love and I will honor his legacy by using what I have learned in own life and by passing on what I have learned from him to others,- friends, colleagues and clients,- children in all ages.

      Ray have created so many rings in the water. And I believe his work will continue to support and transform many more.
      Thank you, Ray.

      With love, gratitude and appreciation,


    2. Love that image of Ray belly down on the floor with a recently born – brings Ray to mind immediately full force! Miss you, Ray – but you must be so happy to be free 🙂


  8. Dear Castellino family, friends and loved Ones.
    Thank you for such generosity at this time for letting us know of Ray’s onward travel. Like so many others, i am with you as you negotiate his physical loss and huge contribution to life here on Earth. May you get to feel the love of this community cradling you now. Always in deep love and gratitude to Ray, Fiona Lyndley


  9. I first met Ray at Dr. Stone’s Polarity seminar in 1972 — and will forever remember driving in the car together and singing our heads off — the joy of him, the love, the sweetness, the beauty of this being who touched us all and has left us with such lovely memories. His journey here is done, he walked the walk and we are left happy for him and yet tearful. My deep love to his family as they let go of the physical with sadness yet joy knowing that father, brother, friend, husband was such a GOOD HUMAN BEING. May we too live our final days here with inner purpose and tranquillity, with my love Chloe Wordsworth


  10. Ich danke dir Ray für die Liebe und die Zugänge zum pränatalen Feld, die du hinterlassen hast. Die Begegnungen mit dir in Teufen, in Merdingen, Findhorn und in Wien werden für mich unvergesslich sein. Unzählige Menschen durften dadurch Heilung und Linderung erfahren. Dein Wirken war engelsgleich und du wirst in meinem Herzen immer einen besonderen Platz haben. Deine Arbeit hat mich zu meiner Bestimmung gebracht. Dafür danke ich dir unendlich! Mit Liebe, Würde, Hochachtung und Demut vor deinen Erkenntnissen werde ich deine Arbeit weiter tragen.

    Möge dieses Wärme und Dankbarkeit den Schmerz der Familie Castellino lindern und ein erfüllender Chorgesang erklingen … so wie er mit uns sang: Dona nobis pacem!
    Mein ganzes Mitgefühl und Beileid geht an die Familie und die Liebenden von Ray.


  11. Ray’s Sunday discourses were always inspiring and stayed with me throughout the entire day. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to hear his insightful way of looking at life.
    Best and loving wishes to the Castellino family,
    Emma Howard


  12. What a bright shining GEM 💎 Ray is! You changed the course of my life and so many others who you’ve touched so authentically and deeply!!! You modeled and taught so exquisitely! — To your “perpetual shining and awakening on this journey of coming and going as an everlasting flower.” My love surrounds all Rays beloveds as they grieve his physical graduation from planet earth; We all know it is a much better place because of him! The healing he inspired will continue to live on thru future generations!
    🙏🏾🌟 💫💛Janice Marie Durand


  13. He is in The Beloveds embrace..He has forgotten all of us now but we remember him..A devotee of God.. blessings of peace to all of you left behind. He is free and in the Ocean-of Love …Eternal Love…
    Best Wishes
    Ann Watters


  14. Sandra, to you and your family…I send you warmth and support. What a gift to be Ray’s loving stewards, dear family as he finished his last chapter. May you all rest in gratitude and have the time now to feel through the transition. My love, Jeanne Laskin


  15. ja, wie traurig, ein Lichtwesen hat den Planeten verlassen… aber es werden ja vielleicht neue Lichtwesen gerade geboren.

    Skript hab ich abgeschickt.

    Ich habe jetzt 2 Steuerberater unabhängig voneinander .. ich muß für jede Honorarnote von dir ab jetzt 20% an das Finanzamt liefern. Das nennt man Erwerbssteuer… ein Gesetz für Leistungen von Personen aus einem anderen Land innerhalb der EU.

    Ich möchte für die Babycranio unsere Vereinbarung ein bissl modifizieren… aber bitte nicht jetzt, erst nach deinem Urlaub.

    Heute war ich beim Astrologen: er sagte “eh klar,” das Thema (Finanz, “für meine finanzielle Sicherheit sorgen” hat er es genannt) zeigt schon meine Sternenkonstellation … hat im Nov 20 begonnen und geht noch ein Jahr.😩 Er meinte das liegt mir gar nicht, das muss ich mir erarbeiten… das hab ich eh gemerkt.

    Aber etwas hat mir eingeleuchtet: er meinte, “Sie sind ja nicht für sich auf der Welt sondern für die anderen, sie wollen einen Beitrag zu einer besseren Welt hinterlassen. Und Sie haben sich entschieden, das mittels eines Geschäftes zu machen. Es wäre ja auch anders möglich gewesen. Und da gehört das wirtschaftliche dazu“

    also ich brüte auf meinen Wirtschaftsfähigkeiten….bin neugierig was da herausschlüpft

    alles liebe susanna

    Dr. Susanna Herrgesell

    A – 1170 Rosensteingasse 82/13 Tel 01 4956622 email:

    IBAN AT18 1515 0004 5106 0677 BIC: OBKLAT2L

    Interview mit Susanna Herrgesell



  16. I worked with you, Ray, in one of your first trainings and your loving yet challenging presence opened me up to be the person I could be to do the work I came to do. I will be forever grateful. Blessings to you. May you enjoy rest and peace before journeying on. Gratitude and love to Sandra and family. He could not have given his gifts and changed the lives of so many of us or felt so peaceful in the end without your support.

    Melita Marshall


  17. Ray was such a shining light and teacher of such great wisdom. He quite literally changed the course of our family’s life in such a powerful, profound and positive way and we cherish the time we were blessed to be in his presence. With great gratitude, endless appreciation and much love, The McKinney Family


  18. Dearest Castellino Therapeutic Family:
    Each of you have made an indelible imprint on my family’s lives from your love, tender caring and skillful brilliance to support our ability to feel the presence of the divine.
    Our brother Ray is ever more potent guiding us from across the vail.
    We love each of you forever and after
    Marsha Prudden and family


  19. We’ve all been so blessed to have been touched so deeply, beautifully, playfully, elegantly by Ray. My life and life’s work have shifted and will continue to. And the truth he shared in his parting words of love and going home have left an indelible place in my being. As I heard an native american say recently you have left this earth suit. Wrapping us all in love in our appreciation and grief, especially those of you that are Ray’s immediate family and loved ones.


  20. Thank you, Ray. We only met twice, and only via Zoom, but what happened in those sessions with you was beautiful and powerful. I had hoped to do a womb surround process with you in person once COVID had passed. That that cannot happen fills me with sadness, but also greater determination and gratitude to live fully, openly, and truthfully. It’s clear you touched so many, many lives and lived (and loved) deeply. Even the sliver of knowledge I have about you is rich beyond description. My cup overfloweth. Blessings to you, your family and friends — and deep gratitude for your work on this Earth.


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