A New Journey Begins

Dear Friends,

I wish that I could contact each one of you individually. It’s just that the time it would take is beyond my capacity just now. I want you all to know that I love you very much and am so glad to be your colleague, teacher and friend.

On Monday, October 19, 2020, I received a CT scan report that says I have a large pancreatic tumor with metastasis to my liver, left adrenal gland, and lungs. I’ve had some health issues for some weeks and it’s taken some time to get appointments so that I can have definitive information.

I want you to know that I am in very good spirits, I feel well cared for spiritually and in all aspects of my being. I have a solid support system for myself and what I need to be doing in the period of time.

I am sad. . . I’ve got so many plans for the work and my private life. I so love the life I have and all that I’ve been given to share. I am beyond grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know and grow with you.

This very extraordinary opportunity requires that I make radical changes in my life immediately. I will be following many of the same health protocols that my dear friend John Chitty followed which allowed him to live 8 years longer than the medical doctors’ expectations.

I do not have a clear prognosis yet. We are working on that. I assure you that I am taking actions to sustain and build my health. I also want you to know that I feel totally at peace with whatever my fate is.

As of right now I must take a long pause and give attention to the health in my being. This pause means that as of right now I am not able to offer Womb Surrounds, private sessions, classes, trainings or supervision. If you are in current or scheduled classes and trainings, Sandra or Cindy will be directly in contact with you. Updates regarding trainings will be posted at castellinotraining.com.

This blog will be where I post updates regarding my treatments and overall wellbeing throughout this journey.

I love you.

With gratitude for all we have shared,


4 thoughts on “A New Journey Begins”

  1. Hi, Ray! You and I have never met personally. I want to thank you for being my daughter, Erica’s, teacher. She is enthralled by the work and is energized to share this work with the world. I love you and understand all you share about living on the edge and coming Home. And the truth is we are already Home in our human experience as spiritual beings. No need to preach further to the choir. If there is ever anything I can do to be of service to you and your extended family please don’t hesitate to ask! Love, love, love and more love!!

    Martin Shapiro


  2. Hi Ray – I guess Sandra has told you how my husband Dan Murphy died I June. He was extremely healthy – no diseases – on no medications – retired from his job + riding his bicycle up to two hours daily – in great shape. He was riding with his best friend (who happens to be a doctor). After 1+ a half hours of riding they slipped off their bicycles at an intersection. Dan simply tipped over + was dead before he hit the ground! How’s that for a satsangi death! We had been married 55 years. I’m fine. Mary Murphy (415) 225-4090


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